by Chris Rehm

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Songs I made during my first year away at college and the summer that preceded it.


released May 22, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: +/-
We connect like positive and negative poles of a magnet / I read you like I read an open book / I let you go like a little tiny fish squishing through the fishnet / But then I gave it another look / I could not smile as big as I used to / I did not move, no I'm still in Houston / And if I called you up on the tele / Would you spend a little time with me even though it's a little risky / I learned a lot, but as it turns out every single answer was not / What I had expected it to be / I guess after all, you are the one and only girl that I ever really have sought / I'm led to you, you're led to me.
Track Name: Mean Song
You are not the weight resting on my shoulders / You're never on my mind, but you're always on my lips / You are not the icing on top of my cake now / You are just the faucet with an unfixable drip.
Track Name: I Bet You Ride Go Karts Pretty Often
You are the queen of my castle / But living so far away, it has become a hassle / I have been given sutures / You have been getting suitors / You are the color that is in me / And you are what makes my tea sweet / And I wonder what you're thinking, honestly / And I hope that you're thinking just like me / Cuz it's silence on the phone / I'm wishing I was home / Well summer's gonna come and I'll be on the road again / Well summer's gonna come and I'll be on that road again.
Track Name: Cobwebs
We've got cobwebs growing on our history /I've misplaced pages / Forgot our ages / Living wistfully / Focus in two dimensions / Make something stand out in a blur / We're getting hazy / It's been full of smoke and ash / I feel the heat on my face and my back / I'm touching over and over again / Not retreating or hanging on / It's in my head again / Learning my lesson, how to right a wrong / Me, I'm tired but I'm ready for it all / There are enough ways to fall / When I give it a try, it's foreign / When I stop, it's easy / But if I'm bored, then I'm boring / I might never please me.
Track Name: (Crank That)
I will try my best to be your soldier boy / I know that I do not know all the moves, but I will try my best to make them up / If you'd give me just one chance, that's enough / I will try my best to give you what you want / But in my past, I learned that all I should be giving you is honesty / I will try to speak free.
Track Name: 713/504
Come on Suzan, you know how our wind used to blow / I've been gusting for days / But we're so far away / That our winds are still in route / And will pass each other soon / We've got time, yeah we do / And I don't want you to think I've forgotten you / It's just these days have been filled / And I've lost most my will / To keep up with my friends / But I'll find it again / It's not just you in this pool / In my head, I'm a fool / to let it sit there so long / To lose touch with my home.
Track Name: Take Pictures
I've got nothing to do / And I'm thinking that you could contribute / Now I've won a few hearts / I've killed a few off in my head / Separated by space and time / In two places at once / Now I'm taking a chance by learning a dance we can't finish / Take pictures of your thoughts and / I'll take pictures of my friends / We've got calendars and timers / I can count every grain of sand.
Track Name: Bonus Track: +/- (Version 2)
see track one (+/-) for lyrics